Drop & Collect

Drop and Collect


School Timings are from 7.50 a.m. to 2.15 p.m

Students will be permitted to enter the school premises only at 7.15 They are to wait at the assigned areas. They will enter the school building at 7.30. Gates have been demarcated for students to enter the school. Likewise for parents and visitors.

All students should be in their class rooms and clusters by 7.45 a.m. for the National Anthem.

Lessons end at 12.30 for Kindergarten and 14.15 for Primary and Secondary

Gates will open at 12.30 for KG and 14.15 for Primary and Secondary. Please ensure your child is collected promptly. At 12.45 for KG and 14.30 for Primary and Secondary your child will be moved to assigned classrooms for late collection. At 13.00 for KG and 14.45 for Primary and Secondary we will start to establish who is collecting the child and when.

Parents are requested to be patient to collect their children. Parents / Guardians assigned to collect the child must provide a valid UAE ID Card. No child will be permitted to leave the school campus without an authorized adult escort unless a letter has been given to Transport Department by the parent and has the approval of the principal.

Early collection

Requests for children to be collected early or instead of getting on the bus, must be received by the office by 1.30 p.m. by phone or in person and children must be collected at 12.30 for KG and 14.15 for Primary and Secondary from the reception by an adult who will have to produce a valid UAE ID. After 12.30 for KG and 14.15 for Primary and Secondary  parents must wait and all children must be collected from their usual pick up points. This is so that we can track our students effectively and ensure high levels of child protection and safeguarding for all students at all times.

All parents requesting early collection will need to complete and sign the Early Collection Register at Reception so that we can maintain our fire registers and a record of the children who are leaving early and the curriculum hours they lose as a result. It is essential that we monitor the impact of leaving early on students’ progress.