An Enriching Experience at Al Manahil Private School

Enrichment is an Entitlement at Al Manahil

As part of our curriculum, we endeavour to broaden their knowledge and skills. We encourage students to both build on current talents and work on developing new ones by choosing from various activities at school.

In line with the Student Competency Framework, Al Manahil encourages our students to develop a set of values and competencies which, when combined with their academic and creative skills, will equip them for life.

Our programmes include football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, Environment Club, reading programmes, My Identity, National Days, Art and Music.

Within each child’s passport, the values are broken down into tangible actions with students earning stamps as they demonstrate each one within the Enrichment Programme. Ambassador Visas are awarded to those children who go above and beyond and to those who have achieved all of the stamps within a value.