Board Of Governors


Karan Brown

A professional with over two decades in the Education Industry.Her expertise in the field of Education spans a spectrum of specializations – Teacher Training, ICT Intervention in Education, web based solutions, curriculum design, class room transactions, assessment and institutional audits

Associate Director at KBBO Group

Beverley Cook


A professional with over Two decades in the Education Industry and years of Experience working with ADEK. She is passionate about Education and is an expert in Data Analysis.


Alok Bishnoi


 KBBO Group

Ruchi Sharma


A professional with over a decade in the Education Industry. Currently the Head of the ICT department at Almanahil Private School.

Staff Representative.

Anila Aftab

Child protection Officer with years of experience in student support  and inclusion. She is passionate about effective student communication with the overall aim of improving the learning experience for all students.

Child protection Representative

Maryam Abu Hejleh

Parent Representative


Mr. Walid

Parent Representative